MMA Corner: BREAKING NEWS - Zuffa, LLC Has Purchased Strikeforce

Zuffa, LLC, the operating entity of the UFC has purchased the UFC's biggest rival, Strikeforce.

Zuffa, LLC, the operating company that owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has further entrenched itself as the dominant entity in the sport of mixed martial arts as Dana White, the President of the UFC, announced that Zuffa, LLC has purchased the Strikeforce MMA promotion.

Arguably the UFC’s biggest rival, Strikeforce has seen its brand grow steadily from its regional origins in the San Jose/Bay Area to become an internationally recognized promotion.

In an exclusive interview with top MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, Dana White cited the need to continue to expand the talent in his organization, as well as the recognition that Strikeforce was becomming a viable brand as factors leading to the purchase of Strikeforce.  White further confirmed that Strikeforce would continue to operate as a separate entity, and all fighters currently under contract with Strikeforce will continue to fight for the promotion.  Additionally, White explained that Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has signed a contract with Zuffa, LLC to remain with Strikeforce in the same capacity.  White praised Coker both in terms of his business acumen and on a personal level, saying that Coker is a good person.  Coker will be an important liason between Zuffa and particularly Dana White, who previously has offered sharp critciism of Showtime, Strikeforce’s main television partner.

At the end of the interview Dana White reiterated that the purchase of Strikeforce will not result in wholesale change repeatedly saying “BUSINESS AS USUAL!”  White explained that the Strikeforce office in San Jose would continue to operate as usual and none of their employees would be laid off.

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