Countdown: Best Touchdown Celebrations

Touchdowns are an exciting part of the game of football. So are the celebrations that sometime accompany them. Some are zany, some are silly and some revolutionalize how celebrating is done. Here is a look at the best touchdown celebrations of all time.

#10 - Notre Dame’s Golden Tate Jumps into Band

His momentum might have carried him through the end zone after his 4th quarter touchdown catch, but the Notre Dame wide out makes the list for inadvertently or not lauching himself through the air and swan diving into the Spartan’s marching band.

#9 -TO and The Star

Terrell Owens has had numerous memorable touchdown celebrations; but his best was also his most insulting. After a TO touchdown while with the 49ers, he ran to midfield to celebrate on the Dallas Star. He did it AGAIN after scoring a second time. He ran an extra 50 yards on each celebration just to stick it to Big D.

#8 - Ray Lewis Is Not To Be Mocked

Everyone has seen Ray Ray dance his way out of the tunnel and shake and jive after a big defensive play. Ray Lewis is not, however, a man you’d probably not want to provoke. But Terrell Owens makes appearence #2, this time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, for his rather impressive impersonation of Ray Lewis during an Eagles-Ravens tilt.

#7 - Canadian Duck, Duck Goose

For our #7 Celebration, we travel North of the border to the Canadian Football League and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. While everyone knows Canada has a backwards way of playing the game of football, they certainly take celebrating to a whole new level: a game of Duck, Duck, GOOSE! Why the hell not? Would have been higher had it not been in the CFL.

#6 - The Heisman

After a 93-yard punt return for a touchdown, Heisman Trophy front-runner Desmond Howard put the Heisman Trust voters on notice by striking ‘the pose’ against the rival Buckeyes.

#5 - Joe Horn Makes a Phone Call

New Orleans were already thumping the New York Giants en route to a 45-7 thrashing and Saints’ wide out Joe Horn adds insult to injury by making a phone call from a stashed goalpost after scoring a touchdown. Horn’s antics would have ranked him higher if he actually had the phone in his pocket.

#4 - Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and The Funky Chicken

Without him, we may not have been witness to today’s great endzone celebraters like TO and the artist formally known as Chad Johnson. The return man of the Oilers in the 1970s became the first player to creatively orchestrate a unique and premeditated end zone dance with his rendition of the funky chicken dance.

#3 - Bulldog’s Bull-rush The Gators

Talk about sending a message. Following a FIRST quarter touchdown, the entire Georgia Bulldog’s team storms the field to celebrate; sending a clear message to the Florida Gators that the Bulldogs came to play. Georgia went on to win that year’s annual UGA-FLA match-up.

#2 - Steve Smith’s Row, Row Your Boat

In an ode to the Minnesota Vikings’ infamous ‘love boat’ scandal, Steve Smith makes an over-the-shoulder catch and streaks down the sideline and proceeds to make sure the Vikings don’t forget the maiden voyage of their party boat.

#1 - LeRoy Butler and the 1st Lambeau Leap

After scooping and scoring on a fumble recovery against the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay safety LeRoy Butler leaped into the end zone stands; giving birth to one of the most iconic celebrations in all of sports in 1993.

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2 Responses to Countdown: Best Touchdown Celebrations

  1. Mike says:

    Shonn Green strikeing the LT??? No Deion, what gives?

  2. Matt says:

    Madison Hedgecock’s immortal row boat celebration on 11/23/08 (He was rowing his boat to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, which he was subsequently snubbed from in 2008)

    TD at 2:30 of the highlight:

    Post game interview describing the celebration:


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