A New Zealand Underdog May Beat Two-Time Olympic Winner

In her recent interview to MMAJunkie Genah Fabian elaborated on her chances to beat the two-time Olympic winner Kayla Harrison. While Kayla Harrison may be a mixed martial arts champion, who had won gold medals in Olympic Games and in Pan American games, a New Zealand underdog Genah Fabian states that she still may take her opponent by surprise during the upcoming PFL.

Genah Fabian is definitely not as popular and famous as Kayla Harrison, as the former has only three MMA wins, while the latter has a total of five, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't stand the chance against American champion.

Fabian and Harrison came to MMA from different backgrounds. Prior to her interest in mixed martial arts, Kayla Harrison was into judo. Her success in judo is undeniable, as despite being injured during Summer Olympics in 2012 – she had torn tibial collateral ligament – she manged to be promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt, which had made her the youngest person in the history of the United States to get this rank.

Genah Fabian came to mixed martial arts from kickboxing. A New Zealand-born she got into kickboxing in her early twenties, after relocating to Thailand. Unlike Harrison she has no Olympic golden medals, and her greatest achievement remains winning the World Muaythai Council middleweight title.

Definitely, when comparing their experiences Genah comes as an ultimate underdog, but she is absolutely okay with that. She even claims that it is even good for her to be counted out, as it will make her victory even more interesting to achieve.

Since her young age she was able to pick new things up and switch her mindset depending on the situation she is in. She states that one she fell in love with sport, she couldn't let it go. She doesn't depend on sheer luck and she doesn't take a gamble on her upcoming fight. She relies on her professionalism and dedication to sport. At the same time she doesn't underestimate her opponent's abilities.

While she acknowledges that she is going to fight with two-times Olympic Winner, Fabian stands by the fact that Kayla Harrison had never faced anyone like her. According to Genah Fabian, Kayla Harrison had never tired to compete with someone as physical as she is.

Genah Fabian thinks that both she and Harrison have got a specific set of skills. Harrison's skills allows her to dominate and proved to be successful in her career. Fabian thinks that now it's perfect time to showcase her set of skills.

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