About the Deliberation Room

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Deliberation Room Sports Blog.  As a lifelong sports fan, I have always devoted a great amount of time and energy into the exhausting analysis of all things sports related.

I have taken the time to create this site to provide an outlet for me to express my plethora of views concerning a wide variety of sports and their related issues.  I hope you enjoy the various posts and please feel free to leave comments, as one of my goals in creating this site was to provide a forum for entertaining and lively debate about the wide-ranging topics covered on the site.

In addition to the different sports covered on this site, I also wanted to devote my energy in discussing various related topics associated with being a sports fan.  As such, from time to time you will find entries discussing not only the action on the field or in the cage, but what we as fans go through when attending this sporting events or watch them at home.

Please enjoy and spread the good word, as I promise to provide insightful and intelligent commentary.  Thank you!



The views expressed by myself, Anthony or any of our guest contributors are personally held and do not represent the views of any associations, employers, or organizations that we may otherwise be a part of.

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